Orange and Chocolate

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Very tasty pairing with amazing pieces of dark chocolate into it that pairs perfectly with the sweetnss and the tarteness of the orange.

A good combination would be possible with a sun-dried grapes red wine,with a very scented aroma and sweetness that enhances perfeclty the perfumes of the orange and chocolate.


Type 0 wheat flour, sugar, cubes lemon 15%(lemon Italian origin, glucose syrup, fructose,sugar, preservative E220, (as a residue) of lessthan 10 mg per kg, acidifier E330), egg,chocolate 8 % (drops: cocoa mass, sugar, emulsifier: soy lectin, aromas, min 45% cocoa,28% cocoa butter ), egg yolk, butter, skimmedmilk powder, honey, raising agent ( disodiumdiphosphate, calcium carbonate, Sodiumhydrogen carbonate, wheat starch), flavouring:vanilla.

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